Investment in new equipment

In Cleaning News by Mark Hornsby

We have now invested in a machine to clean the inside/outside of high level Gutters. The machine is specially made & no need to use customer’s electric or water and can be used on isolated properties. Maintenance work on your property is very important & will prevent blockages, causing water ingress, staining to walls & mould inside your property. We also have the facilities to take photos/videos of the conditions inside the guttering with our gutter camera, this allows us to inspect/video, before and after photos of your gutters.

This machine can also clean high level walls, cladding, signs, fascia’s, etc on commercial properties which will enhance your business. We can work up to a height of approx. 40 Ft with our own specially bespoke vacuum machine system & poles. The machine allows us to spray water to dislodge and then vacuum dirt, debris, leaves, away into our own unit.